Rep. Luna Fights for $16M Fine on Schiff for Phony Trump-Russia Lies

In a Fox News interview, Florida Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna made a bold statement that she would hold “criminal” Democrat Adam Schiff accountable for spreading lies about the Trump-Russia investigation which, according to her, has been ripping the country apart. Paulina Luna, who is determined to hold Schiff accountable, stressed that he pushed a phony Trump-Russia investigation despite having no evidence. She further mentioned that she would bring a privileged resolution to the floor and fine Schiff for a whopping $16 million for using his position to deceive the American people and harm foreign relations.

Paulina Luna criticized that even when he was privileged to information that others couldn’t see, he, along with the corrupt FBI, created chaos by investigating a sitting president. Schiff was reportedly without any remorse or conscience and resulted in nothing but permanent damage, accusing him of being a criminal. She talked about the resolution she filed, intending to censure, condemn, and fine Schiff for his appalling abuse of power, continuous lies, and betrayal of the American people’s trust.

Paulina Luna’s tweet to fine Schiff $16 million for his shameful conduct received an immediate response as Schiff tweeted that a MAGA Republican member of Congress filed a motion to expel him from the US House of Representatives. Schiff further tweeted that he held extreme MAGA forces accountable, and now they want payback. According to Paulina Luna, Schiff repeatedly lied that he had evidence of Trump’s collusion with Russia, which was an attempt to divide the country.

In the end, Paulina Luna made it clear that Schiff is a dishonour to the House of Representatives and knowingly used his position to deceive the American people. It’s time that Schiff pays a high price for his action, and Paulina Luna is determined to hold him accountable for what he has done.

Written by Staff Reports

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