Rep Mike Quigley Criticizes Biden’s String of Bad Debates on CNN

Representative Mike Quigley (D-IL) just couldn’t resist piling on poor ol’ President Joe Biden after his less-than-stellar debate performance. On CNN’s “This Morning,” Quigley felt the need to point out that it wasn’t just one bad night for Biden, but a whole truckload of bad nights strung together. Sounds like someone is getting a little worried about their political future, eh?

Quigley seemed to be channeling his inner fortune teller, warning Biden that he needs to face the music and acknowledge the inconvenient truth that his White House might just be slipping away faster than a greased pig at a county fair. Quigley even went so far as to give Biden some unsolicited advice, urging him to make a decision (as if Biden needs any more prodding).

The representative continued to wax poetic about the “real tragedy” of American voters not getting to witness the supposed stark differences between Biden and his opponent. But hey, who needs to see a clear contrast when you can just rely on Quigley’s word for it, right?

While Quigley made sure to throw in some compliments about Biden’s past service (because nothing softens a blow like a little flattery), he couldn’t resist emphasizing that the decision to stay or go rests solely on Biden’s shoulders. Talk about stating the obvious!

In the end, Quigley seemed to be more concerned about the ripple effect of Biden’s decision on other political races than anything else. It’s almost as if he’s subtly hinting that Biden’s sinking ship could take the whole Democratic fleet down with it. But hey, it’s all about “honesty,” right? Or at least Quigley’s version of it.

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