Rep. Perry Slams Foreign Journalist: Uncovering Biden Corruption Ignored by Liberal Media

In a fiery exchange during a press conference, Representative Scott Perry called out a foreign journalist for failing to report on corruption involving President Joe Biden. The journalist had the audacity to question the evidence behind the Republicans’ impeachment inquiry against Biden, as if they were expecting honesty and integrity from the liberal media!

Perry, always quick-witted and not one to back down, responded with a sarcastic remark, leaving the journalist stammering for words. The nerve of these journalists to challenge the GOP’s efforts to uncover the truth! But Perry didn’t stop there. He went on to expose the undeniable evidence of the Biden family’s corruption.

It’s not about political revenge, as the biased media would have you believe. Perry made it crystal clear that there are bank accounts and extravagant homes owned by the Bidens that simply cannot be explained by their modest congressional salaries. The GOP has been uncovering a laundry list of allegations against the Biden family, including dubious foreign payments and a web of shell companies.

This confrontation is just a glimpse of the frustration Republicans feel with the left-wing media bias. The fact that journalists would dare to challenge the GOP’s efforts to expose corruption within the Biden administration is outrageous. But the GOP won’t be silenced. As the impeachment inquiry continues, tensions will only rise, exposing the true nature of the Biden administration.

In fact, just this morning, Kevin McCarthy, a brave patriot, announced the beginning of impeachment proceedings against President Biden. McCarthy cited serious and credible allegations of corruption and deceit by the President. The evidence is mounting, and it cannot be ignored.

Bank records, more than 170 of them, have connected Hunter Biden and his business partners to shady dealings with Ukrainian and Chinese entities. Millions of dollars have flowed into the Biden family’s pockets through various shell companies. Witnesses have even testified that President Biden himself was involved, attending dinners and making phone calls. The web of corruption is extensive, and the GOP is determined to expose it all.

These investigations into the Biden family have been led by esteemed Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan, two men who have dedicated themselves to ensuring truth and justice prevail. Even an FBI informant has come forward, alleging a five-million-dollar bribe to the Biden family.

And let’s not forget about Hunter Biden’s ongoing negotiations with federal prosecutors. He’s desperately trying to strike a plea deal to avoid the consequences of his lies about his income. But we won’t let him off the hook. The truth will come out, and the American people will see the Biden family for what they truly are.

Despite President Biden’s constant denials, the majority of Americans know that he was involved in his family’s corrupt business practices. The evidence is overwhelming, and it’s time for the truth to prevail. We cannot let this culture of corruption go unchecked.

So, kudos to Representative Perry for standing up to the biased media and calling out their double standards. The GOP is on a mission to bring justice to the highest office in the land, exposing corruption and holding President Biden accountable. We must stand by them in their pursuit of truth and transparency.

Written by Staff Reports

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