Report: Congressmen and Senators Enjoy Dinner With Business Tycoon Klaus Schwab At Davos’s World Economic Forum

Officials from the US reportedly had a great lunch with some of the world's most powerful business leaders and the head of the World Economic Forum during the organization's annual gathering in Davos, Switzerland.

The officials discussed various topics, such as the importance of investing in communities and developing effective collaborations between private and public sectors. The World Economic Forum is known for its support for stakeholder capitalism.

Some of the prominent officials who attended the event included Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, and Delaware Senator Chris Coons. They were also joined by other prominent executives.

According to an attendee, Manchin and Coons were able to address the group of business leaders. They reportedly talked about the importance of supporting the Ukraine's war effort and US energy independence.

According to Coons, about 50 CEOs were expected to attend the event, which was held at the Hotel Schatzalp, which is situated in the Alps. One of the executives who was in attendance was Antonio Neri, the CEO of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

European leaders are furious about the Inflation Reduction Act, which was signed by US President Joe Biden last year. It provided tax breaks to American carmakers, but did not provide the same assistance to European automakers. During an interview with POLITIco Europe, Manchin noted that the continent's leaders are hyper-critical due to their protectionist policies.

According to Manchin, the bill was designed to strengthen the US by allowing the country to help its allies. Without energy independence, the US would not be able to maintain its place as the world's superpower.

During the interview, Manchin noted that he told European leaders that they should stop regulating the use of fossil fuels. Instead, they should focus on technological innovations. He noted that the US is already using advanced technology to address climate change.

Senator Chris Coons of Delaware noted that European nations grew too reliant on Russian energy. He said that he would like to see the region's leaders develop a new strategy to address the issue.

This year's World Economic Forum will focus on the concept of cooperation in a fragmented world. It aims to help solve various global problems through public-private collaboration.

Some of the prominent executives who are expected to participate in panel discussions at the event include Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock, and Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft.

Several officials from the US government, who are part of the Biden administration's First Movers coalition, are also expected to attend the conference. They are promoting the country's efforts to address climate change through the use of advanced technology. John Kerry, the US' special envoy for climate change, will participate in a panel discussion.

Despite the concerns about the event's controversial nature, several members of the US Congress, including Darrell Issa and Maria Elvira Salazar, are still expected to attend. In a statement, the officials noted that they would try to bring the country's founding principles to the forum.

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