Report: Melania Didn’t Trust Key Trump Allies In 2020 Campaign

During Donald Trump's run for reelection, First Lady Melania Trump reportedly didn't trust some of his advisers. According to her former chief of staff, she also didn't trust the White House's officials.

In January 2020, former press secretary and First Lady Melania Trump transitioned into her new role as the chief of staff. During a hearing before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, her former aide, Stephanie Grisham, revealed that she and other members of the first lady's inner circle distrusted certain individuals. Some of these individuals included former Trump attorneys Sidney Powell and Rudolph Guiliani, and Mark Scaramucci, who used to be the chief of staff.

"According to her, the first lady didn't trust certain individuals, such as Mark Scaramucci and Sidney Powell. She also didn't feel that the Trump administration was following proper polling procedures. In addition, she reportedly regularly asked Ronna McDaniel, the head of the Republican National Committee, about the polling situation."

The latest batch of witness testimony from the January 6 hearing was released on Thursday, and it included transcripts from interviews with various of Trump's close aides, such as Stephen Miller and Donald Trump Jr.

During her testimony, which was mainly focused on the West Wing and the East Wing, former press secretary and first lady Melania Trump revealed that the White House had a fractured work environment during the second half of her husband's term. After she resigned from her position in April 2020, she worked with Trump for the first time.

"During her testimony, which mainly revolved around the West Wing and the Eastern Wing, former press secretary, and first lady Melania Trump stated that the White House had an unhealthy work atmosphere during the second half of the her husband's term, and she didn't trust the people around her."

According to her testimony, one of the main reasons why she distrusted the former chief of staff was due to how he treated her in the final weeks of her time as the White House's press secretary. She said that she resigned from her position after he accused her of leaking a report about the president's move to a secure bunker during the 2020 social justice protests.

During the final months of the campaign, her distrust of the former chief of staff grew even more. According to her attorney, Laura McLellan, Melania Trump felt that Mark Scaramucci and other individuals were harmful to her husband and were getting him bad advice. She also believed that Scaramucci was manipulating the situation by getting people into the White House.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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