Biden CRIPPLES The Trucking Industry With Latest EPA Regulation

It's clear that Joe Biden and the EPA are on the way to destroying the American trucking industry. Despite the pain he's already caused Americans, the agency pushed through a new regulation that would severely affect the industry.

The EPA's new regulations will not only affect the trucking industry, but they will also cause higher prices and job losses. Their goal is to save the planet.

On December 20, the EPA announced the final regulations on how to cut down on harmful emissions from heavy-duty vehicles. Despite the agency's claims that these regulations will protect the public health, they will actually increase the prices of essential goods in disadvantaged communities.

The current administration is not only disregarding the common sense of Americans, but it is also prioritizing the needs of its political allies.

Dana Johnson, a radical environmentalist, opened the EPA's announcement.

The EPA finalized a rule that is considered to be "environmental fascism." It imposes stricter standards on new vehicles, which will increase operating costs for truck drivers. Many Americans are outraged by the government's decision, as it shows disregard for the financial burden that this regulation will impose on businesses and individuals.

Instead of finding a balance between economic profit and environmental progress, the EPA went too far.

According to Administrator Michael Regan, the regulations will save lives and reduce the number of children missing school.

According to the Daily Caller, the EPA's rule will require large trucks, buses, and delivery vans to reduce their emissions by almost 50% by 2045. The agency's regulation is more stringent than the previous one, and it requires the owners of these vehicles to switch to electric or hybrid cars. However, the costs associated with compliance could cause the industry to collapse.

A senior policy analyst from the Independent Women's Forum stated that the EPA's regulation is an overreach that shows the administration's disregard for the common sense of Americans. It will affect the small and mid-sized trucking companies, which will be forced to buy new equipment that will be very expensive.

According to Todd Spencer, the president of an industry trade group, the owners of small businesses will either leave the industry completely or stay with their older vehicles if they can't afford the new equipment. The EPA has also ignored the concerns of truck drivers.

Those who are pushing through these regulations with no regard for the effects they will have on consumers should be held accountable. This is a clear indication of how the administration is prioritizing activism over the needs of its citizens.

Despite the EPA's claim that its new regulations will protect the public health, they are still ignoring the effects of the regulations on consumers. The agency's new compliance rules will only make it harder for small businesses to operate and will increase the prices of goods.

It is clear that the EPA did not take into account the effects of its regulations on consumers. As a result, those who are most vulnerable will pay more for their goods.

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