REPORT: Trump Has A HUGE Announcement Coming Next Tuesday

At a campaign rally in Ohio, Donald Trump said that he would be making a big announcement regarding his estate in Florida next week.

Many people expected that Trump would use the event outside of Dayton, Ohio, to launch his presidential campaign for 2024. Instead, he delivered a speech that only teased a future announcement.

Trump told the crowd that he would be holding a big announcement at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida on November 15. He also mentioned the upcoming elections, which are expected to be very important for the country.

Some of the members of the Trump clan who were in attendance for the event included the former president's two sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., as well as Lara Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle. It was speculated that Trump would use the event to launch his presidential campaign for 2024.

In his speech, Trump praised the accomplishments of his administration and called out the Democrats and the Biden administration for what he called their "growing left-wing tyranny." He also took a shot at the southern border.

Trump said that there is no more urgent task than stopping the invasion of the southern border, and he referred to it as the worst border in the world. He also took a shot at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, calling her an animal.

Trump said that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should stop referring to illegal immigrants as animals. He referred to them as human beings instead.

Trump also referred to House Speaker Nancy as an animal. He said that people would immediately say "Oh, what a horrible thing" upon hearing about his comments about her. He went on to criticize her and call her an impeacher.

Some of the prominent individuals who warmed up the crowd prior to Trump's arrival were Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green and Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan. Also, the Republican candidates for Ohio Senate, Mike DeWine and JD Vance, addressed the crowd. Trump urged the people of Ohio to vote for the candidates.

JD Vance, who urged the crowd to "run up the score" on the Democrats, was highly received by the crowd. On the other hand, Mike DeWine, who was also a candidate for the Senate, received a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Near the end of his speech, Trump stated that the White House would be taken back in 2024. He did not explicitly state that he would be the one to carry out this task. The president also used the term "we" to refer to the Republican efforts to regain the Senate and House.

Over the course of a year, the former president has been indicating that he would seek the White House for a third time.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on New York Post.

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