Revealed: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Organization is a Marxist Scheme

For activists on the ground, the Black Lives Matter movement has been criticized for a long time. From their failure to enact meaningful reforms to their tasteless marketing tactics, many people have been wary of the organization.

According to a report, about 33% of the donations went to charitable foundations, while the rest went to the organization's supporters, relatives, and friends. In addition, the report noted that the movement's co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, spent over $3 million on real estate before she left the organization in 2021. Her brother's company also received a portion of the donations.

The summer of 2020 marked a turning point in the history of America as the country grappled with the murder of George Floyd. Following a wave of protests, the BLM became a leader in addressing the issue of racial inequality and systemic racism. In the next two years, the organization received donations totaling $90 million from various individuals and corporations.

Over the past year, the Black Lives Matter movement's fundraising efforts have reportedly collapsed. It's believed that the organization is on its way to becoming insolvent.

This is not surprising since the Black Lives Matter movement has been associated with Marxists.

The founders of the movement have been described as Marxists. Their website used to feature language that criticized the Western-style nuclear family structure. It also talked about its goals of dismantling the patriarchy and environmentalism.

It's also believed that the movement's leaders are following a pattern similar to other social movements. They convince people to give up their property and rights for a utopian vision only to have the top leaders live large while the rest of the people suffer from starvation.

During the summer of 2020, millions of people took to the streets to voice out their concerns about racial inequality and systemic racism in the US. The BLM emerged as a prominent force in the movement, raising over $90 million in just two years.

A recent report revealed that only a small portion of the donations made to the movement ended up going to charitable organizations. Around $4.5 million was used by the organization for its supporters, family members and friends. In total, the report noted, the BLM's co-founders, including Cullors, purchased real estate properties in the US before she left the movement in 2021.

For a long time now, activists have been criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement for its various shortcomings. These include its failure to implement effective marketing techniques, its use of people's loved ones for profit, and its lack of policy reforms. The report revealing how much of the donations went to charitable organizations reinforced this criticism.

The fundraising efforts of the Black Lives Matter organization have reportedly collapsed, and it's believed that they're already insolvent. It's clear that the movement was always associated with Marxists, as its founders have described themselves as trained Marxists. The group's website also featured language that criticized the US' Western-style nuclear structure. Its policy goals included dismantling the patriarchy, environmentalism, and eliminating the need for individuals to work extra shifts.

This is another example of the way Marxist leaders have exploited the empty slogans of their organizations to enrich themselves at the expense of the people.

Source: Based Politics

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