RFK Jr. Exposes Biden as Puppet President: Who’s Pulling the Strings?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a former Democrat turned Independent candidate for President, recently took to social media to express his concerns about who is really in charge at the White House. Kennedy implied that President Joe Biden may not be the one calling the shots, pointing to the denial of Secret Service protection for himself as evidence of decisions being made by unnamed individuals behind the scenes.

In typical Democratic fashion, it seems like Biden is content to let others do the heavy lifting while he takes a back seat in governing. This revelation echoes sentiments previously shared by Senator Ted Cruz, who has also questioned Biden’s leadership and suggested that radical leftists are the puppet masters pulling the strings in the Biden administration.

It’s no surprise that Biden’s policies appear to cater more to the socialist agenda than to traditional American values. From flip-flopping on immigration to embracing extreme climate policies, Biden seems to be more interested in pleasing the far left than in upholding the principles he once touted as a senator. This shift in ideology raises valid concerns about who is truly influencing his decisions in the Oval Office.

Kennedy’s decision to run as an Independent after facing hurdles in the Democrat primary demonstrates his commitment to challenging the status quo and standing up against the establishment. With his strong favorability ratings and a legacy that resonates with many Americans, Kennedy’s voice adds a much-needed perspective to the national conversation about leadership in Washington.

In a political landscape where transparency and accountability are often lacking, it’s crucial for public figures like Kennedy to speak out against potential manipulation and ensure that the will of the people, not shadowy figures in lanyards, guides our nation’s future. As the White House continues to evade questions about who is truly steering the ship, Americans must remain vigilant and demand clarity from our elected officials. Kennedy’s bold statements serve as a reminder that the fight for integrity and authenticity in politics is far from over.

Written by Staff Reports

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