RFK Jr Exposes CIA’s Dark Secrets: How He’s Dodging Assassination Attempts

In a shocking revelation, Democratic Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Junior (RFK) spoke out against deep state tyranny and revealed that he is taking precautions to ensure that the CIA doesn’t assassinate him for speaking the truth. RFK Jr’s fearless admission of the danger he faces has struck a chord with conservatives who have long fought against the corrupt, unpredictable CIA.

During an interview with Joe Rogan, RFK Jr. spoke about his uncle JFK’s attempts to dismantle the CIA and why it may have cost him his life. JFK realized that the CIA was working to create a pipeline of new wars for the military-industrial complex, and it was not the job of the United States to dictate what kind of governments other countries should have. This realization led JFK to order all troops out of Vietnam to prevent further loss of American lives, but tragically, he was assassinated just a month later.

RFK Jr. went on to speak about the corruption within the CIA, including its involvement in assassinations and fixing elections worldwide. This is not the first time RFK Jr. has brought attention to this issue, and it’s one that conservatives have been fighting against for decades. The CIA’s policy stands in opposition to American values as its purpose has been corrupted by getting involved in activities that harm democracy.

RFK Jr’s admission that he takes precautions to protect himself from the CIA’s wrath is a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by those who dare to speak the truth. The deep state’s tentacles reach far and wide, and even a Presidential candidate is not safe from their grasp. While RFK Jr. is not afraid, he’s not naive and understands the importance of taking precautions against the forces that seek to silence him.

In conclusion, RFK Jr’s interview with Joe Rogan highlights the danger faced by those who speak out against the deep state and the CIA. Conservatives must stand with RFK Jr. and demand that the CIA be held accountable for its corrupt actions. We must fight to protect the democracy and ensure that candidates like RFK Jr. can speak freely without fear of being silenced by the deep state.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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