Rice Blasts Becerra, Exposes Biden Admin Chaos

In a shocking display of inner turmoil within the Biden administration, former Domestic Policy Adviser Susan Rice has been caught bad-mouthing Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra. According to Axios, Rice didn’t hold back, calling him a “bitch-ass” and an “idiot” behind closed doors. It seems like there’s no shortage of drama in the White House these days.

Rice’s main bone of contention with Becerra seems to be his hesitation in finding additional space in child migrant shelters. But hold on a second, Susan. Let’s not forget who’s been in charge of this border crisis from the get-go. It’s none other than your boss, President Joe Biden, and his incompetent administration. So, before you go pointing fingers, maybe take a look in the mirror.

Now, the Biden administration has been quick to defend its handling of the situation. HHS spokesperson Jeff Nesbit claims they’ve been working tirelessly to increase shelter space for these child migrants. But let’s be real here. The Trump administration didn’t just leave a perfectly functioning system behind. They had to deal with the mess that was created when Biden, with a stroke of his pen, reversed many of Trump’s immigration policies. So, excuse us if we’re not buying the excuses.

But it doesn’t end there. Rice also reportedly passed a note to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas during a meeting with President Biden, saying, “Don’t save him.” Now, that’s just cold. It’s like watching a high school drama unfold in the highest levels of government. These supposed professionals are acting like petulant children.

And let’s not forget the bitter rivalry between Rice and Vice President Kamala Harris. It’s like a reality show you can’t turn off. Rice believed she was more qualified than Harris to be Biden’s running mate, and she’s been fueling the fire ever since. It’s no wonder there’s chaos at the border when the people in charge are too busy bickering among themselves.

All in all, this story is a sad reminder of the disarray within the Biden administration. They can’t even get their own team on the same page, let alone handle a crisis at the border. It’s clear that their focus is more on infighting and saving face than actually solving the issues at hand. And that’s exactly why we need strong conservative leadership to set things right.

Written by Staff Reports

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