RNC Blames Biden for Record-High Illegal Border Crossings

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has blamed President Biden for what it describes as the worst border crisis in history. Citing recent data, the RNC noted that in April, 179,725 illegal immigrants were encountered at the southern border. This continues a trend of 38 consecutive months where monthly encounters have exceeded the highest monthly total during President Trump's tenure, showing a 272 percent increase compared to the average month under the Trump administration. According to the RNC, since Biden's inauguration, over 9.6 million illegal aliens have crossed the border, including over 1.8 million who eluded Border Patrol agents. They accuse Biden of facilitating an unchecked influx of immigrants, attributing this crisis to his 94 executive actions in the first 100 days aimed at dismantling border security measures. 


The RNC also claims that Biden is considering an executive action to permit 4,000 illegal border crossings per day before shutting down the border, suggesting this is an attempt to normalize high levels of illegal immigration. They highlight former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson's statement that 1,000 illegal crossings per day overwhelm the system and question the impact of 4,000 daily crossings. The RNC views this as an election year maneuver. Concurrently, Representatives Nancy Mace and Jeff Van Drew have introduced a resolution in the House opposing a recent Biden administration rule extending Affordable Care Act eligibility to over 100,000 DACA recipients by redefining “lawfully present.” They argue that the administration is prioritizing benefits for illegal aliens over American citizens.

Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner is set to host a new special on Fox Nation, where she will travel to Vietnam to retrace her father’s experiences during the Vietnam War. This three-episode feature will explore themes of bravery, faith, and perseverance, featuring insights from historians, veterans, and family members.

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A recent Fox News poll indicates that 41% of U.S. voters believe it is "extremely important" for President Biden and former President Trump to engage in debates. This sentiment is shared by 54% of Republicans, 32% of Democrats, and 31% of independents.



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