RNC Chief of Staff Out Amid Calls for Shake-Up Ahead of Trump 2024!

Mike Reed, chief of staff for the Republican National Committee, is expected to tender his resignation at the conclusion of this month, as per an email obtained by Politico. Reed, who has occupied his current position since January 2022, announced his departure in order to devote more time to his family and his new position with the public affairs and government relations firm Cornerstone. Reed's departure, according to sources with knowledge of the situation, has been predicted for more than a year.

Conservative activists and elected officials have been advocating for a leadership transition within the Republican National Committee prior to this action. The RNC's decision to host presidential debates and the party's lackluster performance in recent elections have been cited by opponents of RNC chair Ronna McDaniel. Additionally, some have expressed apprehension regarding the fundraising capabilities of the committee.

As former President Trump appears to be close to securing an additional Republican presidential nomination, speculation regarding RNC changes has intensified. Recent remarks made by Trump to Fox News alluded to forthcoming "alterations" at the RNC. Ahead of the South Carolina Primary, Trump suggested to McDaniel the possibility of "recommendations for RNC Growth" during a meeting at his Mar-A-Lago estate.

Reed, in an email obtained by Politico, discussed the possibility of modifications, stating that the RNC anticipated such changes once a presumed nominee materialized. Although McDaniel lauded Reed for his "calm and steady hand," she was equally enthusiastic about the time he would have to devote to his family and his future endeavors.

Despite having previously endorsed McDaniel, disagreements have arisen between the two parties as a result of the RNC's recent electoral performances and additional determinations. However, McDaniel has provided reassurance to her leadership by asserting that in the event Trump emerges as the nominee, the RNC will consolidate in a seamless fashion.

As the Republican Party readies itself for the upcoming election, Reed's departure and speculation regarding potential leadership changes may indicate an ongoing political upheaval within the organization.

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