RNC Sues, Claims Michigan’s Voting Shenanigans Exposed

Breaking news out of Michigan! The Republican National Committee (RNC) is not holding back as they recently filed a lawsuit against Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. What’s the tea, you ask? Well, the lawsuit claims that Benson was up to some shady business when it came to absentee ballots. According to the RNC, Benson allegedly sneakily directed local election officials to turn a blind eye to verifying the validity of signatures on absentee ballots. 

RNC co-chairman Michael Whatley didn’t mince words, calling out Benson for supposedly trying to undermine election integrity. He emphasized that Michiganders deserve better than these Democrat schemes. We can’t let sneaky politicians like Benson get away with playing fast and loose with our votes.

This isn’t the first time the RNC has taken Benson to task. Just last month, they slapped her with another lawsuit, accusing Michigan of not keeping their voter rolls clean and accurate. The nerve! The RNC’s analysis allegedly found that voter rolls in Michigan were inflated, with some counties showing more registered voters than actual adult citizens. 

Of course, Benson tried to brush off these lawsuits as nothing more than a PR stunt. How convenient! Instead of owning up to her questionable actions, she’s playing the victim card. Classic move, Benson, classic move. But we see through the smoke and mirrors. 

Despite the RNC’s efforts, it seems like battleground states are still hanging on to some questionable election laws that Republicans have criticized in the past. But fear not, fellow patriots! The RNC isn’t backing down. They’re teaming up with the NRCC and NRSC in a massive election integrity campaign to set things right. It’s time to clean up these dirty politics and make sure every vote counts!

Benson, on the other hand, seems to be dodging the tough questions. When contacted for a comment, she conveniently stayed silent. Typical. But you can run, Benson, you can hide, but the truth will always come out in the end. The RNC is on a mission to protect our democracy, and they won’t rest until justice is served!

Written by Staff Reports

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