Vanderbilt BDS Fail: Hissy Fit Ends in Security Snacking & Twitter Roasts

Wednesday’s tale of woe at Vanderbilt University showcased an anti-Israel “sit-in” that didn’t last more than a proverbial cup of tea. Administrators at the prestigious institution, along with some helpful security personnel and staff, put an end to the melodrama before it could get any juicier.

These 30 or so students decided to throw a hissy fit because their BDS (Boisterous, Delusional Student) movement got kneecapped due to possible legal conflicts. How dare they shake things up and make a ruckus in the chancellor’s office lobby! Bravo to the powers that be for not giving in to their shenanigans.

Those protesters, with their uppity attitudes, weren’t treated like royalty. Oh no, no red carpet for them. They weren’t catered to with gourmet snacks or allowed to frequent the porcelain throne at will. Instead, they were left to watch in envy as security got treated to fancy water and Panera Bread goodies. 

And then, oh, the theatrics that followed! The next day, they put on a pity party rally outside the chancellor’s office, channeling their inner drama queens. Comparing themselves to WWII heroes? Seriously? Someone needs to remind these whiners that playing dress-up and shouting at people isn’t quite the same as storming the beaches of Normandy.

The Twitterverse had a field day, rightly poking fun at these spoiled brats and their inflated sense of self-importance. Their over-the-top displays of faux oppression and martyrdom were met with a resounding chorus of laughter and eye rolls. Bravo, social media, for not falling for their outlandish theatrics.


Written by Staff Reports

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