Trump Whiffs on Bible Bucks as Biden Rakes in Millions

Former President Trump’s fundraising efforts are facing a tough battle to keep up with President Biden’s overflowing war chest, and an analysis of his latest schemes exposes just how far behind he’s lagging. Despite repeatedly declaring his love for the Bible, Trump’s newest venture involves hawking the holy book for a hefty $59.99 price tag. That’s not all – the same business entity responsible for peddling “God Bless the USA” Bibles also oversees the sale of his “Never Surrender” sneakers.

But these unconventional tactics aren’t proving to be the cash cow he hoped for. If Trump intends to use the Bible sales to boost his campaign coffers, he’d need to move over 415,000 Bibles just to catch up to Biden’s fundraising numbers. And as for those sneakers, he’d have to sell upwards of 60,000 pairs to match the $25 million that Biden pulled in at a star-studded fundraiser in New York. Ouch, talk about a fundraising fumble!

During a high-profile fundraiser in New York, Biden was joined by heavy-hitters like former Presidents Obama and Clinton, further solidifying his financial dominance in the political arena. Meanwhile, Trump raked in a measly $20 million throughout the entirety of February. Looks like Trump might need a fundraising miracle if he hopes to stay afloat.

Despite Trump’s assurances that the Bible sales aren’t related to his presidential campaign, the move could still bolster his support among evangelical voters. “We must make America pray again,” he urged on Truth Social, unveiling the Bible sale during Holy Week. His lofty goal? To rake in a whopping $33 million for his campaign by the week’s end.

And as if that weren’t enough, Trump is hosting a ritzy event in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he’s banking on support from top GOP donors. In a bid to win over those who didn’t initially back him in the primaries, he’s dangling tickets to the shindig at the astronomical price of $814,600. To put that into perspective, the most lavish Super Bowl tickets top out at a “mere” $125,000. So, it’s safe to say that Trump’s pulling out all the stops, and the cash registers, in an effort to catch up to his political rivals.

Written by Staff Reports

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