Dems Push Job-Killing EV Mandate: Say Goodbye to Gas Cars!

In a shocking turn of events, some Democratic lawmakers from the heartland of America are pushing for new rules set by the Biden administration that could seriously hurt the automobile industry. The EPA, known for its love of red tape, has declared a new regulation that would force most cars sold after 2032 to be fancy electric vehicles or hybrids. 

Experts are saying this move could lead to a significant decrease in jobs in the auto industry. And you know who’s excited about this madness? Democratic members of Congress from the Rust Belt! They’re all on board with this crazy plan that could cost hardworking Americans their livelihoods.

Wouldn’t switching to electric vehicles mean fewer jobs for Americans? Chris Ventura, an executive director, thinks so too. He mentioned that it takes fewer workers to build an electric vehicle compared to a regular car. So, thanks a lot, Biden administration, for potentially putting American workers out of a job just to make a political point.

The EPA, backed by these out-of-touch politicians, is basically waving goodbye to most gas cars and traditional hybrids in less than a decade. A joint statement from the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers and American Petroleum Institute called them out on it. And rightfully so! 

While the United Auto Workers union seems to be okay with this decision, many auto workers are not pleased. They fear that their jobs are on the line, and who can blame them? It’s estimated that nearly half of all vehicles sold by 2030 will have to be electric. This means American automakers will have to shift gears faster than Lightning McQueen at the Piston Cup.

Democratic representatives from places like Michigan, the heart of the auto industry, are fully supporting this rule. They’re praising it like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. But come on, do they really think this is a good idea? Aren’t they supposed to represent the hardworking people of America, not push policies that could hurt them?

While some Dems like Rep. Elissa Slotkin are championing this regulation, others like Sen. Joe Manchin from West Virginia are voicing their concerns. Manchin rightly pointed out that the government shouldn’t be dictating what cars Americans can buy. He also raised valid points about the impact on jobs and the security of our supply chains.


Written by Staff Reports

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