Ronnie Jackson Questions Biden’s Debate Prep as Poll Numbers Plummet

Ronnie Jackson’s latest antics aren’t surprising, but boy, do they strike a chord with anyone paying attention. Joe Biden has absconded to his twilight zone at Camp David, allegedly getting ready for his big Thursday debate showdown with former President Donald Trump. It’s anyone’s guess whether Biden will rally or crumble during this critical moment in the 2024 cycle, given his plummeting poll numbers in key battleground states and his universally panned handling of crucial issues. For Trump, it’s practically a layup.

One might wonder why Biden isn’t resurfacing at the White House before the debate. It’s as if the Biden camp is trying to hide the preparation that goes beyond note cards and debate pointers. There are whispers of him practicing just to remain upright for a grueling 90 minutes, but the real shocker comes from Congressman Jackson’s musings. He has suggested that Biden’s team might be busy concocting the perfect drug cocktail to keep the President from doing a nosedive mid-debate.

Rep. Jackson, who used to be a White House physician, is not just blowing smoke. When he popped up on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” he insinuated that Biden’s week-long public vanishing act before the debate wasn’t merely for brushing up on talking points. No one needs a medical degree to see that Biden isn’t exactly in mint condition. Jackson has repeatedly called for Biden to take a cognitive test akin to the one Trump aced during his presidency, but so far, all five requests have been met with radio silence.

The truth hurts, especially for Biden’s inner circle, who scratch their heads at Jackson’s blunt force commentary. It’s not just an American concern; the European press even spotlighted Biden’s mental backslide during his G7 Summit appearance in Italy, where the Italian Prime Minister practically had to act as his shepherd. The dismissive media spin tried its best, but everyone saw the writing on the wall—Joe Biden isn’t the man the media portrays him to be.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Trump has to maintain some decorum despite seemingly having every advantage. The 2020 debates taught everyone that bulldozing Biden can be counterproductive. If Biden starts to falter, mumbling or losing track of his points, Trump should stand back and let it unfold. He should focus on delivering his vision clearly and coherently to those still on the fence. Everyone already suspects Biden is too old and too frail for the job; Trump’s task is to demonstrate that he can be effective without going overboard.

Some would love to see Trump in his unrestrained glory, but strategic composure wins elections. Would conservatives prefer four years of Trump mitigating the chaos of the Biden administration or one night of fireworks followed by another electoral letdown? It’s a moment for Trump to show he can temper his instincts and secure America's desperately needed victory.

Written by Staff Reports

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