Rubio Crusades to Crush Clock Chaos with Sunshine Act!

Sen. Marco Rubio is once again fighting the good fight to end the ridiculous and archaic tradition of changing the clocks twice a year. It’s a real head-scratcher why this nonsense is still a thing, but leave it to Rubio to be the voice of reason in the Senate.

His Sunshine Protection Act is a breath of fresh air in the swamp of Washington, D.C. This bill would put an end to the madness and lock in the clock permanently. No more losing precious sleep or dealing with the confusion of changing all the clocks in the house twice a year. It’s time to put an end to this madness, and Rubio is leading the charge.

The best part? Rubio’s bill has tons of bipartisan and popular support. Who would have thought that politicians on both sides of the aisle could come together on something? It just goes to show that getting rid of the time change is something we can all agree on.

Sure, the legislation may have hit a few roadblocks in the past, but this time feels different. With support from Senators like James Lankford, Tommy Tuberville, and Rick Scott, it seems like the Sunshine Protection Act is gaining momentum. And with 19 states already on board with year-round daylight saving time, it’s clear that the people are tired of this clock-changing charade too.

So as we gear up to “spring forward” this Sunday and lose an hour of precious sleep, just remember that Sen. Marco Rubio is out there fighting for us. It’s time to end the madness, and Rubio is the man for the job. Let’s hope this is the year we can say goodbye to the dreaded time change once and for all.

Written by Staff Reports

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