Schmitt Fights Gov Censorship, Defends Free Speech!

Missouri Republican Senator Eric Schmitt took a stand for freedom and the Constitution by introducing an amendment to stop the government from trampling on our right to free speech. The Daily Caller was the first to learn about this bold move. Schmitt’s amendment, part of his mission to defend the First Amendment, aims to ensure that the government can’t use taxpayer dollars to silence voices or pressure online platforms to censor constitutionally protected speech. It’s about time someone stood up against the big tech bullies and their push to control what we can say.

In a recent Supreme Court case, Missouri v. Biden, which Schmitt originally brought to light, the Biden administration was trying to strong-arm social media companies into removing posts about COVID-19 vaccines and election meddling. This is a clear violation of our rights, and Schmitt is not having any of it. Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown-Jackson expressed concerns that stopping the government from censoring Americans could somehow be harmful. But let’s be real here, protecting our freedom of speech is never a bad thing. The government’s job is to protect us, not control us.

Schmitt’s amendment is a breath of fresh air in a political landscape full of censorship and suppression. As he rightly pointed out, this is a common-sense move to rein in government overreach and safeguard our First Amendment rights from being trampled by unelected bureaucrats. Every American who cherishes freedom should rally behind Senator Schmitt’s efforts, no matter their political beliefs. It’s time to put a stop to the left’s constant assault on our liberties.

Senator Schmitt, a true champion of free speech, has been relentless in his fight to uphold the First Amendment since taking office. His dedication to protecting our constitutional rights is commendable. We need more leaders like him who are willing to stand up to the forces trying to silence dissenting voices and control the narrative. The future of our democracy depends on it. Let’s all support Senator Schmitt as he continues to champion our freedoms and push back against government censorship.

Written by Staff Reports

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