Schumer Announces $400M Boost in Security Funds for Synagogues, Mosques

In a recent announcement, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer revealed a substantial increase of $400 million in federal funding to enhance security measures in places of worship. The escalation in funding is a response to growing concerns about threats targeting Jewish and Muslim communities, which have been exacerbated by the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Under the expanded federal Nonprofit Security Grant Program, synagogues and mosques will have the opportunity to apply for funding to bolster security efforts, including the hiring of security personnel and installation of surveillance cameras. Schumer, a member of the Democratic party, emphasized the significance of this funding boost in ensuring that religious institutions, such as synagogues, no longer have to endure the pervasive fear of potential threats.

Last year, the program allocated $305 million to nonprofit organizations, allowing them to fortify their facilities and shield them from potential attacks. The urgency of this initiative was underscored by the occurrence of bomb threats directed at three New York City synagogues and the Brooklyn Museum via email. Although these threats prompted the evacuation of two synagogues, no explosives were ultimately discovered.

In order to access the initial round of funds, houses of worship must submit their applications by May 21. This substantial increase in federal funding for the protection of religious institutions signifies a pivotal step in addressing the security needs of places of worship amidst escalating threats and ensuring the safety and well-being of those who gather there.

Written by Staff Reports

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