Trump Risks Jail as Judge Cites Gag Order Breaches Again

Former President Donald Trump has been accused of breaking his gag order multiple times by Judge Juan Merchan. This is the 10th time he’s been found in violation, and the judge warned that further breaches could lead to a jail sentence for Trump.

Judge Merchan had previously held Trump in contempt for nine violations, hitting him with a $9,000 fine. Prosecutors pushed for Trump to face consequences for four more violations that occurred during the trial.

Judge Merchan expressed the seriousness of the situation, acknowledging the tough decision ahead. He stated that despite the gravity of the situation, he had a duty to fulfill.

Trump’s defense lawyer, Todd Blanceh, argued that the prosecution’s witness, Michael Cohen, was provoking Trump with ongoing attacks. Blanceh claimed that the gag order prevented Trump from responding not only to Cohen but also to comments made by President Joe Biden regarding the trial.

It is concerning to see a pattern of bias against former President Trump. The gag order seems to impede his ability to defend himself against attacks and criticisms from various sources. Judge Merchan’s warning of a potential jail sentence raises questions about fairness and freedom of speech in the legal system. It is crucial for all individuals, regardless of their political affiliations, to have the opportunity to address accusations and defend themselves properly.

Written by Staff Reports

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