Schumer in Meltdown Mode: Dubs Biden Impeachment Inquiry ‘Witch Hunt’

In a surprising turn of events, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, calling it “absurd” and even labeling it as a “witch hunt.” It’s quite ironic considering that these were the exact terms used by former President Donald Trump during his own impeachment proceedings. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

Schumer went on to express his sympathy for House Leader Kevin McCarthy, acknowledging the difficult position he finds himself in. It’s almost like Schumer is playing a game of political chess, trying to show some empathy while also taking a jab at his opponents. Classic Schumer move.

But Schumer didn’t stop there. He accused those pushing for impeachment of being “way off the deep end” and solely focused on their own political agendas. It’s as if he’s trying to portray himself as the voice of reason in a sea of craziness. Sorry Schumer, we see right through you.

In the end, Schumer called for action and emphasized the Senate’s commitment to its duties. But let’s be real, Schumer is just trying to downplay the impeachment inquiry and maintain a sense of normalcy. He knows that if the Democrats were in the same position as the Republicans are now, they would be doing everything in their power to impeach the president.

Meanwhile, House Leader Kevin McCarthy held a sudden press conference announcing the beginning of impeachment proceedings against Biden. This is a surprising move that aligns McCarthy with the conservatives in his party who have been eager to strike back at Biden after years of investigating his alleged wrongdoings.

But not everyone is happy with McCarthy’s decision. Matt Gaetz of Florida criticized him for not upholding promises made earlier this year. Gaetz accused McCarthy of being out of compliance and not taking action on key issues like term limits and balanced budgets. He even expressed frustration over what he called the “Biden crime family.”

Gaetz didn’t hold back, stating that Biden deserves impeachment for using the vice presidency as an ATM machine for his family. Ouch, that’s gotta sting for Biden. Gaetz is clearly not a fan and wants to see action taken quickly.

Overall, it’s clear that both sides are playing politics with the impeachment inquiry. Schumer is trying to downplay it while McCarthy and Gaetz are pushing for swift action. It’s just another day in the never-ending drama of Washington politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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