Comer Demands Clarity on Biden’s Ukraine Saga from State Dept! Grab the Scoop!

In a letter to Antony Blinken, Comer noted that his committee is looking into the sudden changes in foreign policy under Biden's watch. The members of the committee want to know more about the former vice president's actions in Ukraine, especially regarding Hunter Biden's involvement with a company that is being investigated for corruption.

The Committee on Oversight is looking into the policies and actions of the Biden and Obama administrations toward Ukraine. It is focused on the Office of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General. The panel wants to know why the State Department suddenly changed its stance on Shokin, who had been praised by the previous administration.

In his letter, Comer asked the State Department to provide him with all the documents related to the investigation by September 26.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has reportedly decided to support an impeachment investigation against Biden. His decision comes as Comer pushes for more information from the Department of State, which would allow the House to gather the necessary evidence.

The Judiciary Committee's investigation into Biden's possible impeachment could hinder the former vice president from blocking the investigation. It's unclear whether or not significant findings will come out as a result of this investigation. It's also possible that Biden will finally be held accountable regarding his actions in Ukraine.

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