Second Boeing Whistleblower Death Stirs Safety and Conspiracy Concerns

Earlier this year, a man who had raised concerns about airplane safety at Boeing passed away, causing some to raise eyebrows. Recently, another man, Joshua Dean, also met a sudden end, succumbing to an illness. Dean, a quality auditor at Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems, had accused the company of ignoring manufacturing defects in the 737 MAX jet series. This jet has been involved in various incidents, like when a door fell off a plane in January at Portland International Airport. 


Alaska Airlines received $160 million in compensation related to the door incident. Dean had identified quality standards failures at a Boeing plant in Kansas in October of 2022. He filed a lawsuit alleging serious safety misconduct by Spirit in an attempt to conceal issues he discovered. According to the lawsuit, Spirit tried to silence Dean for exposing these problems in the 737 production line.

Sadly, Dean’s death was reported not long after whistleblower John Barnett passed away from a gunshot wound in what appeared to be suicide. Barnett had previously indicated that any harm to him would not be self-inflicted. A friend of Barnett’s family expressed disbelief in the suicide theory, citing his deep love for life, family, and friends. These mysterious deaths raise questions about the safety culture in the aviation industry and the treatment of whistleblowers.

It is concerning to see individuals who speak out about safety issues facing such tragic ends. The aviation industry must prioritize transparency and accountability to ensure the safety of passengers and employees. Whistleblowers play a crucial role in exposing potential dangers, and their voices should be heard and respected. It is essential for companies like Boeing to address concerns raised by employees like Joshua Dean and not resort to silencing tactics. The circumstances surrounding these deaths demand a thorough investigation to uncover the truth and uphold justice for those who have passed.

Written by Staff Reports

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