Secret Service Agent Fires at Thief During Biden and Obama Event in Tustin

In Tustin, California, a Secret Service agent found himself in a sticky situation during President Joe Biden’s visit. As the off-duty agent mingled with former President Barack Obama and some high-profile celebrities, a pesky thief decided to try his luck. Reports suggest the agent’s bag was swiped at 9:30 p.m., sending the agent into action mode. Drawing his own firearm, he took a shot at the bandit, but the criminal managed to slip away into the night.

The thief made a swift getaway in what is believed to be a silver Infiniti FX35 from the mid-2000s, leaving the agent and local authorities scratching their heads. The Tustin Police Department swiftly responded to the chaos, a reminder that even in the land of sunshine and palm trees, trouble can rear its ugly head when least expected. But hey, at least the agent showed that California’s strict gun control laws couldn’t stop him from defending himself in a moment of need.

And speaking of gun control, California sure loves to flex in that department. From background checks to waiting periods, the Golden State has it all. The state has more rules about guns than a skateboarder has moves at the skate park. Despite all these regulations, California still managed to top the nation in active shooter incidents in 2021. So, do all these laws really keep the bad guys at bay? Food for thought, folks.

When it comes to all things Second Amendment, AWR Hawkins is the man with a plan. An expert in all things firearms, he raises eyebrows and awareness on the importance of self-defense and responsible gun ownership. With a Ph.D. in Military History and an impressive resume to boot, Hawkins doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk in defending our constitutional rights. So, next time you hear about a daring agent in a Hollywood-esque heist, remember, even in the wild west of California, there are still heroes ready to stand their ground.

Written by Staff Reports

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