Secular Society Snubs Easter’s Sacred Heart, Believers Cling to Hope!

In America’s current cultural climate, the significance of Good Friday and Easter Sunday may be lost on many folks, but Christian believers across the country recognize these days as the most important in their faith. On Good Friday, Christians solemnly commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, who, according to their beliefs, sacrificed himself to redeem humanity from sin. The faithful view these events as the very heart of the meaning of life and death.

According to the Gospel of John in the Bible, the crucifixion took place on Golgotha, a hill outside the walls of Jerusalem. The soldiers divided Jesus’ garments among themselves, and Jesus, in his final moments, ensured that his mother was taken care of. As he hung on the cross, he declared, “It is finished,” and gave up his spirit. This pivotal event in Christian theology is seen as the culmination of a long line of sacrificial practices as described in the Book of Hebrews.

The Book of Hebrews outlines how these sacrifices are a shadow, with the true form being fulfilled through Jesus’ sacrifice. This belief that one person’s death could serve to redeem humanity may seem outlandish to many, but it has been the cornerstone of Christian doctrine for centuries. The hymn “Before the Throne of God Above” beautifully captures the essence of this belief, depicting Jesus as an eternal advocate for believers and emphasizing the power of his sacrificial act.

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