Dem Lawyer Slams DA in Trump Case, Rips Biden’s Border & Economic Blunders!

On “The Brian Kilmeade Show,” Julian Epstein, a big shot Democratic lawyer, went on a wild rant dissing Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney handling the case against ex-President Trump in Georgia. Yowza! Epstein called Willis a total flop, stirring up a big fuss and making folks in legal and political circles go bonkers over how Trump’s case is being handled.

Epstein didn’t stop there. He took a swing at President Biden’s immigration policies too, saying they’re a total disaster. He painted a bleak picture of the border situation, basically saying it’s a complete mess all thanks to Biden. Sounds like Epstein is putting the blame on the White House for all the chaos at the border.

When it comes to the economy, Epstein also had some spicy words about “Bidenomics.” He’s not buying into the administration’s economic plan, despite the initial hype. Epstein’s not alone in his doubts about Biden’s ability to fix the economic divide and help out working-class folks. Looks like Biden might have some work to do to win over skeptics like Epstein.

And let’s not forget about the legal tangles over immigration enforcement, like Texas’ SB4 law. Epstein called the situation a catastrophe, all thanks to Biden. Uh-oh! It sounds like Epstein isn’t holding back when it comes to pointing fingers at the White House for all the legal messes.

As the conversation circled back to the drama in Fulton County, Epstein really let loose. He suggested Willis should step down from the case, hinting at some shady stuff going on behind the scenes. Yikes! Epstein’s not holding back with his accusations against Willis, stirring up even more drama in an already heated legal battle involving Trump.


Written by Staff Reports

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