Sen. Kennedy Exposes Biden Nominee’s Clueless Stance on “Assault Weapons”!

In a recent Senate hearing, Senator John Kennedy, a true American hero, took Biden’s judicial nominee, Nancy Moldonado, to task over her shaky grasp of the concept of “assault weapons.” It’s like watching a cat trying to play chess – it just ain’t gonna end well. Moldonado couldn’t even define what she meant by “assault weapons,” stumbling around like a kangaroo on a unicycle. And as Senator Kennedy deftly pointed out, there’s a whole lot of confusion when it comes to these guns – yes, guns, not just your Grandpa’s old rifle.

Let’s break it down, folks. On one side, you’ve got the Winchester 100, quietly minding its own business, sipping tea and watching the birds. On the other side, you’ve got the AR-15, the mean kid on the block according to the gun-grabbers. But here’s the kicker – they’re basically the same dang thing, firing bullets one by one with detachable magazines. Ain’t that a hoot? Yet, for some reason, the AR-15 gets all the hate while the Winchester 100 gets a free pass. It’s like blaming the fork for making you fat instead of the ice cream – classic liberal logic.

And don’t even get started on the infamous “assault weapons ban” of ’94. The government thought they were slick by slapping a label on certain guns and calling it a day. But guess what? The gun manufacturers just laughed and made the same guns without the “offensive” features. No bayonet lug? No flash hider? No problem, we’ll just dress it up differently! Because, ya know, all those bayonet-wielding criminals terrorizing the streets were really keeping us up at night… not!

It’s a circus out there, folks, with politicians and bureaucrats playing ringmaster without a clue. Judge Moldonado’s flimsy argument on “assault weapons” is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s like asking a fish to climb a tree and then being surprised when it flops around. Kudos to Senator Kennedy for shining a light on this mess. We need more straight shooters like him in the swamp to call out the nonsense and keep our Second Amendment rights intact. Let’s not let these clowns turn our gun rights into a three-ring circus!

Written by Staff Reports

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