CNN Shocked: Minorities Favor Trump Over Biden Policies

CNN recently made headlines as they discussed a recent poll showcasing former President Donald Trump’s growing popularity among minority voters. The New York Times and Siena College poll set off alarm bells among Democrats when it revealed that a substantial number of black and Hispanic voters believe that Trump’s policies have been more beneficial to them than President Joe Biden’s.

Host Laura Coates delved into the implications during the segment, highlighting the shift in minority voter support towards Trump. The notion that Trump’s policies could be seen more favorably by these communities than Biden’s, despite Biden’s deliberate attempts to appeal to minority voters, sparked a heated debate on the show.

This news is a clear sign that the American people appreciate the positive impacts of Trump’s policies over Biden’s. It’s not surprising that more voters feel personally benefitted by Trump’s policies compared to Biden’s, as evidenced by the double share reporting negative impacts from Biden’s initiatives. The preference for Trump’s policies, even after leaving office, suggests that his approach to economic issues resonates strongly with many Americans.

It’s not shocking that even some of Biden’s 2020 supporters feel his policies haven’t made much of a difference for them, while Trump supporters resoundingly credit his policies for their positive experiences. This stark contrast underscores the effectiveness of Trump’s policies and the tangible benefits they have brought to many Americans.

This trend of former presidents being viewed more favorably after leaving office is nothing new, and Trump is no exception. His popularity post-presidency and the positive perception of his policies speak volumes about his impact on the country. This poll serves as a reminder that actions speak louder than words, and Trump’s policies continue to gain support and approval from the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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