Senate GOP Proposes Alerting DHS on Illegal Immigrant Gun Buys

Senate Republicans unveiled a new proposal on Friday that would require the Department of Homeland Security to be notified every time an illegal immigrant tries to purchase a firearm. This move aims to give deportation officers the opportunity to take necessary action.

Federal law already prohibits illegal immigrants from acquiring firearms, and the instant background check system is designed to flag them if they attempt to buy a gun from a licensed dealer. However, the deportation agency, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is not currently informed about these attempts.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton from Arkansas emphasized the need for proper authorities to be notified when an illegal immigrant tries to buy a gun, stating that those who enter the country unlawfully should be detained and deported, and should not have the ability to purchase a firearm.

In 2022, close to 4,400 background checks were denied because the purchaser was identified as an illegal immigrant. The proposed legislation would also mandate that local law enforcement be informed of an illegal immigrant’s failed background check when trying to buy a gun.

The bill addresses a complex legal area, as illegal immigrants have challenged the gun prohibition, arguing for Second Amendment protection. This issue is being deliberated in several federal appeals courts.

The initiative has provoked debate and could potentially impact future regulations regarding firearms and immigration.

Written by Staff Reports

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