Senate GOP Warns Against Admitting Gazan Refugees, Cites Security Risks

Senate Republicans are urging President Biden to reject the idea of bringing Palestinians from Gaza to the United States as refugees. They argue that doing so could mean allowing supporters of terrorism into the country. The senators, led by Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa, raised concerns about polling data showing that over 70% of Gazans support a recent attack on Israel by the terrorist group Hamas.

In a letter to President Biden, the senators demanded that the administration stop considering the acceptance of Gazan refugees. Instead, they called for a focus on securing the release of U.S. hostages held by Hamas. This comes after CBS News reported on internal talks among senior Biden officials about using the refugee program to assist Gaza residents affected by the conflict with Israel and Hamas.

The senators highlighted the challenges of vetting potential refugees from Gaza, pointing out the limited access to individuals in the area. They expressed concerns that without thorough vetting, the U.S. may unknowingly admit terrorists posing as refugees. The White House responded to CBS, stating that the U.S. has already assisted over 1,800 American citizens and their relatives in leaving Gaza, with many arriving in the U.S.

The senators’ letter and concerns reflect the ongoing debate over potential refugee admissions from Gaza and highlight the national security implications of such a decision. The White House’s statement underscores the administration’s efforts to assist Americans and their relatives in leaving the conflict-affected region. The issue continues to be a point of contention and discussion among policymakers and officials.

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