CIA Withheld Intel from Trump, Labeled Him Russian Asset

A recent report by the O’Keefe Media Group uncovered some shocking revelations about high-ranking members of the intelligence community and their actions during the Trump administration. It appears that individuals such as former CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former CIA Director Gina Haspel deliberately chose not to share certain information with then-President Donald Trump.

In a video shared by James O’Keefe, a CIA project manager named Amjad Anton Fseisi admitted to withholding information from President Trump out of a fear that he might disclose it. Fseisi mentioned that intelligence agencies made a collective decision to keep details from Trump because they believed he would leak sensitive information.

The most outrageous claim made by Fseisi was that he referred to Trump as a “Russian asset,” insinuating that the former president was somehow controlled by the Russian government. Such baseless accusations only serve to perpetuate negative and false narratives about President Trump.

Furthermore, the video suggests that intelligence agencies not only kept information from Trump but also used surveillance methods, like FISA, to monitor him and his associates. This raises serious concerns about the abuse of power within these agencies and the lack of transparency in their actions.

The undercover footage released by O’Keefe Media Group further corroborates previous reports about the illegal spy operation conducted against Trump’s 2016 campaign. This highlights a troubling pattern of misconduct within the American intelligence community and underscores the need for accountability and oversight.

It is imperative that investigations into these revelations are carried out, as Rep. Matt Gaetz has called for. The American people deserve to know the truth about any potential wrongdoing within the intelligence community and to ensure that such abuses of power do not happen again in the future.

Written by Staff Reports

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