Senator Cardin Opposes Biden, Backs Continued Israel Aid Amid Conflict Concerns

Senator Ben Cardin, a member of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, stood apart from the Biden administration’s decision to halt weapon shipments to Israel. The administration’s move came after a report raised concerns about Israel’s conduct during its conflict with Hamas. The report found potential breaches of international law, but it was challenging to draw conclusive findings on individual incidents, according to administration officials.

Senator Cardin expressed his belief that the United States should continue providing military assistance to Israel, despite his acknowledgment of the report’s concerns. He differed with President Biden’s recent decision to pause the weapon shipments. 


Senator Cardin’s stance highlighted a division among congressional Democrats and the president. Earlier in the week, the White House had halted the shipment of bombs to Israel, and President Biden had even threatened to stop all weapons shipments due to concerns about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans for a campaign into the city of Rafah, where over 1 million Palestinians sought refuge since the conflict erupted in October.

Senator Cardin echoed similar concerns for civilian safety, emphasizing the need for Israel to ensure safe passage for civilians before engaging in a full-scale incursion of the city. He argued that going into Rafah without a credible plan to address the humanitarian situation and protect civilian lives was not the right approach.

Overall, Senator Cardin’s position aligned with the conservative belief in maintaining a strong alliance with Israel and supporting the continued provision of military assistance, even in the face of concerns raised by the war conduct report.

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