Senator Welch Urges Biden to Bow Out of 2024 Race Amid Party Strife

The Democrats have finally started to eat their own, with Sen. Peter Welch of Vermont leading the charge. In a bold move, this blue-blood senator became the first Democrat to call on President Biden to drop out of the 2024 race. This comes hot on the heels of Biden’s less-than-stellar performance in last month’s debate, which even his most loyal supporters couldn’t spin favorably.

Welch, who penned an op-ed in the Washington Post, took it upon himself to lecture the aging President on the importance of “putting the country first.” Apparently, Welch thinks that Biden’s dream of a second term should be secondary to the Democrats’ chances of holding onto power. Talk about an internal coup! Welch acknowledges Biden’s intent to trudge along, eternally convinced that he’s the chosen one who can beat Trump again. But let’s be real: a second match-up between Sleepy Joe and The Donald seems less thrilling than a rerun of 2020’s political circus.

Naturally, Welch didn’t miss his chance to bash Trump, listing out all the usual tired grievances that have been trotted out a million times before. Yet, even while pointing fingers at Trump, Welch can’t ignore the elephant in the room: everyone is fixated on Biden’s age and mental fitness—probably because it’s as evident as a fireworks show on the Fourth of July. And Welch has the audacity to suggest that this perception problem can only be resolved if Biden steps aside.

In his paean to political martyrdom, Welch reverently added that Biden has already done enough, showing selflessness and courage, and should now pass the torch for the greater good. Hidden beneath this sugary praise is a clear message: the Democrat ship is sinking, and Captain Biden needs to jump before everyone goes down with him.

The calls for Biden to bow out are just the tip of the iceberg. The left is in panic mode, scrambling to find a new face before the primaries hit full stride. Biden’s disastrous debate performance serves as a stark reminder that even his own party members are beginning to doubt his ability to lead. The Democrats are in disarray, and it’s getting harder for them to hide their cracks behind a united front. If this is their idea of strategy, 2024 could be quite the show—and not the kind that ends well for the Democrats.

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