Sensational Revelation: Carroll’s Alleged Trump Assault Dress Was Nonexistent!

In a shocking twist to the ongoing defamation trial against former President Donald Trump, it has been revealed that the dress worn by E. Jean Carroll during the alleged assault did not exist at the time of the attack. According to Trump’s lawyer, Boris Epshteyn, the dress that Carroll claims to have been wearing in 1994 was not even made until later years. This discrepancy raises serious doubts about the validity of Carroll’s claims.

Carroll originally went public with her story in 2019, posing for a cover of New York Magazine in the dress she alleges was worn during the assault. However, it has now been proven that the dress was not available in 1994, the year Carroll claimed the incident took place. This casts doubt on Carroll’s credibility and raises questions about the accuracy of her recollection.

President Trump has consistently denied the allegations made by Carroll and has maintained his innocence throughout the trial. He has pointed out the inconsistencies in Carroll’s story and highlighted the fact that she has been forced to change her account of the events. Trump has called for an end to what he describes as a “witch hunt” and has expressed confidence that the truth will prevail.

It is worth noting that Carroll is backed by Democrat operatives, which adds a political dimension to the case. Her attorney, Roberta Kaplan, is a Democrat Party activist with connections to other high-profile Democratic figures. This raises questions about the motives behind Carroll’s allegations and suggests that they may be politically motivated.

In addition to the dress discrepancy, there is a lack of solid evidence to support Carroll’s claims. There are no eyewitnesses to the alleged assault, and Carroll has yet to provide any substantial proof of the encounter. Furthermore, she has refused to use the dress in question as evidence, despite Trump openly calling for its inclusion in the case.

While the judge has found Trump’s past remarks against Carroll to be defamatory, the ongoing trial has been marred by delays and drama. Trump has expressed his frustration with the proceedings and even told the judge that he would “love it” if he were thrown out of the courtroom. Despite these challenges, Trump remains confident in his innocence and hopeful that justice will be served.

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