Ted Cruz Exposes Biden’s “Stinking Pile of Crap” Border Bill!

Ted Cruz, the fearless defender of conservative values, has once again shown his mastery of shredding liberal policies. This time, he directed his fiery rants towards Joe Biden and his disastrous border bill that Cruz describes as a “stinking pile of crap.”

Cruz wasted no time in pointing out the absurdity of the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis. Not only are they failing to secure the border, but they’re actively obstructing states like Texas from defending themselves. It’s almost as if Biden wants chaos and illegal immigration to run rampant in our country. Well, Democrats, if you cared, you would actually do something to stop it!

The Texas Senator didn’t stop there. Cruz unleashed his wrath on the mysterious border bill that Democrats claim to have but no one has seen. He speculated that it must be buried in Chuck Schumer’s basement, probably next to his collection of taxidermied unicorns. Cruz warned reporters that if they knew what was in the bill, they would be appalled. It’s like a kamikaze plane headed for a train wreck, with no escape.

But it gets worse. Cruz declared that the border crisis is the greatest national security threat we face right now, with terrorists potentially taking advantage of the open border. Can you imagine the horror if they were to carry out an attack like the one on Israel? It’s time to take this issue seriously and stop putting our nation at risk.

Let’s not forget the sheer absurdity of normalizing the problem and allowing thousands of people to enter our country illegally every single day. Cruz questioned why anyone would want to excuse breaking the law, especially when we’ve already let in over nine million people under Biden’s watch. It’s mind-boggling!

Cruz had no shortage of criticism for the border bill, stating that it’s designed to fail and only serves as political cover for Democrats. They’ll be able to say, “Hey, we tried to secure the border, but those darn Republicans wouldn’t play along!” It’s a dishonest game of chess that puts American lives at stake.

Finally, Cruz didn’t hold back in his assessment of Joe Biden’s role in all of this. He called him the greatest friend and financial benefactor of the Mexican drug cartels, dubbing him the “single largest human trafficker in history.” Cruz criticized Biden for shipping illegal aliens all over the country while turning a blind eye to the consequences. It’s clear that Biden’s disastrous policies are enabling the very crimes he claims to be against.

In the end, Cruz made it abundantly clear that this border bill is nothing more than a “stinking pile of crap.” It won’t secure the border, it won’t solve the crisis, and it certainly won’t protect the American people. The Democrats need to wake up and start putting the interests of our nation first. We can’t afford to have weak, ineffective border policies that put our safety at risk. It’s time for real leadership, not empty promises and failed bills.

Written by Staff Reports

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