RFK Jr Backs Texas’ Razor-Wire Border Stand, Governors Unite!

In a brazen move, the Lone Star State has found a new cohort in the fight to protect its borders from the ongoing onslaught of illegal immigrants: none other than the iconic Robert F. Kennedy Jr. As the crisis at the nation’s southern border reached its four-year milestone, Texas officials took matters into their own hands by constructing barriers along its border with Mexico. These barriers included razor wire, a no-nonsense measure designed to deter unauthorized entry.

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott swiftly penned a letter affirming the state’s inherent right to defend its sovereign territory and its citizens from the relentless influx of foreign nationals. Soon after, a multitude of GOP governors rallied behind Abbott and the resilient Texans, vowing their unwavering support for the state’s efforts.

In a collective statement, 25 governors from the Republican party asserted their solidarity with Texas, unapologetically endorsing the state’s constitutional prerogative to self-defense. Their unified stance highlighted the Biden administration’s refusal to enforce existing immigration laws, as well as its illicit permission for mass parole of unlawfully arrived migrants across the nation.

Embracing the much-needed reinforcement of their cause, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent presidential candidate, seized the opportunity to call out President Joe Biden and his administration for their negligent approach to border security. Kennedy adamantly aligned himself with Texas, asserting that the administration’s failure to safeguard the border leaves states with no alternative but to take matters into their own hands.

Asserting his resolve to quash the humanitarian crisis at the border, Kennedy vowed to fortify the border and dismantle the criminal operations of drug cartels once and for all. His resounding conclusion emphasized that a country without borders is no country at all, resonating deeply with conservatives across the nation.

Governor Abbott castigated the federal government for breaching its obligation to the states by neglecting their right to defend themselves from invasion. He adamantly argued that Texas possesses an inherent constitutional right to secure its border, steadfastly standing by the state’s defiant stance against unchecked illegal immigration.

Despite Texas’ formidable display of determination, the White House managed to secure legal backing for dismantling Texas’ employment of razor wire at the border. The U.S. Supreme Court ultimately issued a pivotal 5-4 decision permitting federal agents to remove the contentious wiring. However, as of Thursday, reports indicated no immediate action had been taken to remove the razor wire.

Unyielding in their commitment, Texas National Guard troops were observed installing additional razor wire and anti-climb fencing near Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas. Raising the stakes, the state’s immediate neighboring governors from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana vocally rallied behind Governor Abbott, firmly declaring their support for Texas’ bold defiance against the federal government’s lax approach to illegal immigration.

This unyielding display of solidarity and defiance embodies Texas’ resolute determination to safeguard its borders from the seemingly unending flow of illegal immigrants. With steadfast allies and firm resolve, Texas remains at the forefront of the battle against illegal immigration, standing as a beacon of hope for like-minded conservatives across the nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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