Shocking Admission: Doctor Greenlights Gender Transition for 7-Year-Old!

A medical community sensation is Dr. Adam Neff, an attending physician at the Baptist Health System in Louisville, Kentucky, who candidly acknowledges undergoing a transition with a seven-year-old child. During a recent presentation entitled "Basics of Gender Affirming Care for Health Professionals" at the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Neff elaborated on his contributions to the fields of "obesity treatment" and "LGBTQ health." Since July 2022, Neff has been employed by the Baptist Health System, per his LinkedIn profile.

Neff boastfully disclosed during his lecture that he administers gender affirming care to individuals across all age groups, including his smallest patient who is merely seven years old. Further, he stated that he had discussed fertility options with young children, "They are ten, eleven, and twelve years old." Despite the potential appearance, that should be alluded to in some way. Additionally, they must have reached Tanner Stage 2 in order to be treated with puberty inhibiting agents. Essentially the same applies to hormonal treatments. Once more, you should discuss risk-benefit analysis, adverse effects, and similar matters. The attendees' eyebrows were further raised in response to Neff's endorsement of the "gender unicorn," an infographic developed by Trans Student Educational Resources, which serves as a tool for facilitating discussions on gender and sexuality.

Some may commend Neff for his progressive stances and unwavering commitment to LGBTQ health, whereas others express concerns regarding the potential ramifications of exposing children to transition at such a young age. Neff recommends puberty blockers for patients as young as nine years old; however, their potential adverse effects on bone development and the subsequent risk of fractures have generated increasing apprehension. The potential escalation of discourse surrounding Neff's controversial practices and the subsequent response of the medical community are yet to be determined.

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