SHOCKING: IRS Demands Cut from Drug Dealers and Thieves

With tax season looming ahead, social media was set ablaze with Twitter users finding humor in a portion of the IRS Publication 525 that screams Babylon Bee. The publication states that if someone steals property, they must report its fair market value on their income for the year. How convenient for the thieves and criminals, now they have to be transparent about their criminal activities? Outrageous!

The IRS is not stopping there, as it is demanding its cut from drug dealers as well. The tax guide is clear – income from illegal activities, such as the money from selling illegal drugs, must be included in income on Schedule 1 (Form 1040), line 8z, or on Schedule C (Form 1040) if the income is from self-employment activity. What is this madness? Does the IRS want to profit from the hard work of these individuals? The government already takes too much of our hard-earned money, and now they want to force criminals to pay taxes too? This is insane!

Some might reason that this rule was put in place for practical purposes. However, isn’t it fundamentally wrong to ask lawbreakers to report their criminal activities in the first place? The government is essentially saying that if you participate in illegal activities, you must still pay your taxes. It is as if the government is condoning illegal activities just to collect more money from anyone who dares to commit an offense. Conservatives everywhere must rise up and put an end to this ridiculous and harmful practice!

Written by Staff Reports

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