Shocking New Revelations of Fauci Dog Abuse Emerge!

It has been two years since the #Beaglegate scandal shook the nation and revealed the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases under the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci had been using taxpayer dollars to fund unspeakable experiments on beagles in labs in Tunisia. The public outcry was swift and severe, leading to Fauci canceling some of these experiments, including those involving hay fever on beagle puppies.

The non-profit organization, White Coat Waste Project, of which Hannah is a Fellow, has obtained recent records that suggest Fauci’s mistreatment of dogs is more extensive than what was previously known. WCW utilized Iowa Public Records Law to uncover experiments conducted on nearly a dozen foxhounds aged between 3 and 10 years old, from 2017-2019. These dogs, who were abandoned by their owners, were utilized in research that involved affixing small black sandflies to their ears to perform Leishmania experiments. The NIAID collaborated on this research, which was conducted at the University of Iowa.

Despite the University’s efforts to conceal this information and their admission to destroying records that provided details about the experiments on the dogs, WCW managed to uncover the specifics through a 2021 paper that was published by NIAID and the University of Iowa’s scientists. According to the paper, experimenters who were funded by taxpayers from both NIAID and the University of Iowa administered drugs to abandoned pet dogs and confined them in mesh cages. Capsules filled with hungry sand flies were then affixed to the dogs’ ears, allowing the insects to “feed” on the dogs. Despite their being viable remedies for the dogs’ condition, they were slaughtered and dissected when the trial was over.

Two active grants from NIAID and the NIH’s Fogarty International Center, which have received almost $10 million in total from taxpayers, funded the dog experiments. Both grants are due to expire in June. This news has caused a public outcry, with citizens demanding that the US government cease using their tax dollars to fund such experiments. They argue that it is entirely unethical, inexcusable, and unnecessary.

The #Beaglegate scandal has brought to light a significant problem regarding the allocation of our tax dollars. It is crucial to persist in opposing this form of animal cruelty and insist that our government utilizes our money in a responsible manner. We must ensure that our taxes are not contributing to animal abuse in government laboratories. It is our job to ensure that our taxes are being used for more compassionate purposes.

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