Shocking! Trump Reveals: Lisa Monaco Secretly Controls Justice Dept!

Former President Donald Trump recently spoke exclusively to Breitbart News and revealed that Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco is the one calling the shots at the Department of Justice (DOJ), not Attorney General Merrick Garland. According to Trump, Monaco is running the Justice Department in a vicious and illegal manner, and he predicts that her actions will be exposed in the next year and a half.

Trump also mentioned that Monaco has a close relationship with Andrew Weissman, who previously worked at the FBI and was involved in Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump. Trump labeled Weissman as suffering from “major Trump Derangement Syndrome” and criticized his performance. Monaco, who served in the Obama administration, has strong ties to Susan Rice, Obama’s national security adviser.

Republicans, both inside and outside of Congress, have long suspected that Monaco wields significant influence at the DOJ. Former Congressman have even suggested that she is more involved in the department’s decision-making than it appears. On the other hand, Garland, who was nominated by Obama for a Supreme Court position, has faced controversy during his tenure as attorney general, particularly over allegations of politicization at the department.

Monaco has publicly defended the Justice Department against Trump’s accusations of weaponization and politicization. She stated that these claims do not align with the Justice Department she knows, which she describes as being filled with dedicated individuals who work diligently regardless of who is in power.

Monaco’s role within the DOJ has also caught the attention of congressional committees. Last year, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan sought a briefing from Monaco regarding Special Counsel John Durham’s findings related to the FBI’s targeting of Trump. As lawmakers continue to uncover documents and gather testimony, Monaco’s decision-making as the deputy attorney general is likely to become a focal point of congressional investigation. The question of whether Garland is truly in control at the DOJ may also take center stage in the 2024 presidential campaign, should Trump secure the GOP nomination.

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