Sinking Ship? DeSantis Ditches Manager Amidst Rocky Campaign

In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis is struggling with falling poll numbers, leading to the departure of his campaign manager Generra Peck and the appointment of James Uthmeier as his new campaign manager. This change comes after his campaign had failed to generate sufficient support from donors and advisers. The governor's poor performance and financial troubles have become a central issue in his bid for the Republican nomination.

In a memo that was leaked, the campaign of Republican candidate for president Ron DeSantis stated that they would focus on states that are early in the process, such as Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. They also noted that they would add more "cookout-style" activities in these areas. Despite these efforts, however, he has not been able to gain the traction that he had hoped for.

Critics have pointed out that DeSantis did not have enough small-dollar donors, and Donald Trump Jr. suggested that the "Never Trump" movement was behind his bid. This has led to some donors refusing to support him further, and they are demanding that his campaign make changes.

A survey conducted in New Hampshire revealed that he was tied with Chris Christie, a former governor of New Jersey, for second place. A national poll conducted by Morning Consult showed that he was 43 points behind Donald Trump. His RealClearPolitics average has also dropped.

Despite his new campaign manager's positive statements about the governor's abilities, the impact of Trump's endorsement has not been acknowledged in the polls. With his dwindling support and poor fundraising, DeSantis will have to make a strong comeback in order to secure the Republican Party's nomination. It is also not clear if he can regain his previous momentum.

Written by Staff Reports

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