Smith’s Witch Hunt: Trump Indicted for Free Speech, Will Obama Be Next?

Special Counsel Jack Smith has gone off the deep end yet again, indicting Donald Trump on a laundry list of charges that clearly infringe on our precious free speech rights. This guy needs to take a step back and relearn the meaning of the Constitution. Just look at how the Supreme Court unanimously tossed out his conviction of former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. It’s clear that Smith’s interpretation of criminal statutes is about as logical as a dog wearing a tutu.

But leave it to CNN and MSNBC to cheer on this absurdity. They’re packed with a bunch of left-wing legal clowns who can’t see past their partisan agenda. Thankfully, Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel has called out the nonsense behind this indictment, pointing out that if Smith’s logic prevailed, Barack Obama would be behind bars. Can you imagine the chaos that would ensue if every politician who said something others didn’t like ended up in jail? We’d have to start building more prisons!

Let’s not just focus on Trump here. Smith’s approach is problematic all around. Even The New York Times, of all places, calls it a “novel approach.” According to Smith, politicians can lie to the public all they want. But if they use those lies as a basis to undermine the government, suddenly they’re guilty of conspiracy. Seriously, are we supposed to believe that every dishonest politician who acts on dubious legal claims should be imprisoned? Good luck finding enough cells for that.

And it gets even more ridiculous when you think about how this theory could have been applied in the past. Both Al Gore and George W. Bush filed lawsuits during the 2000 election, making bold legal claims that had never been tested before. If Smith’s standard had been in place back then, should the loser have been indicted for trying to fight against the democratic process? It’s madness!

But let’s not stop there. President Obama himself violated the Constitution by making recess appointments without confirmation from the Senate. Oh, but wait, he claimed it was his “constitutional authority” to do so. According to Smith’s logic, that’s a lie used to defraud the public. Should we have thrown Obama in jail too? It’s clear that this whole approach is a slippery slope that leads to the criminalization of legitimate political activity.

And don’t even get started on President Biden. He knew he didn’t have the authority to erase $430 billion in student loan debt. Even Nancy Pelosi told him it was illegal. But Biden decided to go ahead and adopt the lie anyway, obstructing the federal function of loan processing. Thank goodness the Supreme Court put a stop to his nonsense.

Look, we all know that Democrats can be wrong. Just ask Rep. Adam Schiff and his false claims about Trump-Russia collusion. But peddling lies and using them to attack a political opponent is not a crime. It’s called free speech, folks. And let’s not forget that Donald Trump simply expressed his opinions about the 2020 election, which some people found disagreeable. Last time we checked, having different opinions wasn’t a crime either.

So, let’s cut the theatrics and focus on real issues that actually matter. Smith’s indictment against Trump is nothing more than a desperate attempt to silence conservative voices and undermine the foundations of our democracy. Don’t fall for it, folks. Stand up for free speech and the right to express our opinions, even if they make the left uncomfortable.

Written by Staff Reports

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