Sneaky Dems, Media, Busted: Your Words & Policies Reveal Late-term Abortion Stance

In the wake of the Republican Presidential Debate, the media and Democrats are in a frenzy trying to disprove claims that they support abortion up until the day of birth. However, their denials are starting to unravel as their own words and policies tell a different story.

While the left and the media (which are often one and the same) are quick to dismiss this claim as a lie from the GOP, the evidence points otherwise. Numerous leftists, including journalists, former Democrat officials, and even disgraced politicians, have been echoing the same desperate plea that no one wants abortion up to birth. However, their pleas fall flat in the face of statements made by prominent Democrats.

For example, John Fetterman and New York Mayor Eric Adams have both expressed support for third-trimester abortions. And who can forget Ralph Northam’s shocking remark about keeping a baby comfortable after delivery while the parents decide its fate. These are not isolated incidents, but rather a reflection of the Democratic Party’s stance on unlimited access to abortion at all times.

Furthermore, several states, including California, Colorado, and New Mexico, have passed laws allowing late-term abortions. In an April interview, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham unapologetically confirmed that there are no limits to abortion in her state. Even Al Franken, who tried to discredit Governor Ron DeSantis, failed to acknowledge that his own state of Minnesota has one of the most permissive abortion laws.

One of the most revealing examples comes from Jen Psaki, current “journalist” and former Biden White House Press Secretary. Psaki has been a vocal advocate for legislation that would remove all restrictions on abortion, including late-term abortions. This is the same legislation that was supported by almost all Democrats in Congress.

It’s clear that the GOP is not lying about the Democratic Party’s position on abortion. While Democrats and their media allies continue to deny and deflect, the evidence speaks for itself. They refuse to admit their past support for unrestricted abortion access and are unwilling to specify any limits on abortion. It’s time to expose their deception and hold them accountable for their extreme agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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