Socialist Bernie Sanders calls for DOJ investigation into Supreme Court Justice

Democrats continue their trend of weaponizing the justice system against their political opponents. The latest target in their sights is none other than Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. This time, far-left socialist Bernie Sanders is calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate Thomas for unspecified crimes. 

The attacks on Justice Thomas come as a result of his acceptance of hospitality from wealthy, Republican donor Harlan Crow, without reporting it on financial disclosure forms. Despite there being no evidence of any exchange of favors taking place, Democrats are using this as an opportunity to pressure Thomas and the conservative Supreme Court. 

Sanders has been particularly vocal about the issue, calling Thomas’ “outrageous” conduct to account by demanding a federal probe. He has also praised Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s call for a DOJ investigation, and advocated for strict oversight over Supreme Court justices. 

However, Sanders has been hesitant to call for Thomas’ impeachment, instead calling for an investigation by the DOJ. 

The left’s persistent targeting of Justice Thomas goes back to his controversial confirmation hearing, where he faced allegations of sexual harassment that he described as a “high-tech lynching for uppity blacks”. This latest attack is clearly engineered to pressure Thomas to resign or cast doubt on the legitimacy of the conservative Supreme Court. Democrats have been pushing to “reform” the court ever since their loss of control during the Trump presidency. 

Of course, Justice Thomas has some strong defenders, including his friend Harlan Crow. Crow has dismissed the latest attack on Thomas as a “political hit job” meant to “destabilize the court”. 

In a bit of irony, Sanders himself has been criticized for his own wealth, despite his self-described socialist beliefs. Sanders is a millionaire who has defended huge profits from his book sales as a legitimate form of wealth creation. It seems that Sanders is willing to attack anyone, regardless of their innocence or guilt, if it advances his political agenda. This is nothing new for the socialist left, who are willing to use any means necessary to advance their radical, dangerous agenda.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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