Elon Musk launches new firm to challenge dangerous AI bias

Elon Musk, tech genius and CEO of Tesla, recently gave an interview to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, where he warned that artificial intelligence (AI) could potentially take control of civilization and make decisions for people. When Carlson asked if AI could take control to the point where it could not be turned off, Musk responded “Yeah, absolutely.”

Now, Musk is starting a new firm to challenge the leading AI product, ChatGPT, which has been accused of political bias in its algorithms. Musk has been a fierce advocate for regulating AI technology, and even used a meeting with former President Obama to encourage government regulation on the industry.

As an outspoken conservative, Musk has shared concerns with many Americans about the dangerous implications of unchecked AI technology. Musk has called out ChatGPT for its bias and danger, tweeting in December that “The danger of training AI to be woke – in other words, lie – is deadly.”

It is paramount that we consider the potential dangers that AI technology may pose to our society. The liberal tech elite may not be willing to confront these dangers, but conservative icons like Elon Musk are leading the way in warning of the dangers of unchecked AI. Stay tuned for the second part of Musk’s interview with Carlson, where he will likely further discuss the risks that come with AI technology.

Written by Staff Reports

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