Soros-Backed Attorney Dodges Charges: DOJ’s Shocking Decision Exposes Left’s Hypocrisy

In a shocking display of corruption, it has been confirmed that disgraced former U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins, who was heavily backed by liberal billionaire George Soros, will not face any charges for her despicable actions. The Department of Justice has confirmed that Rollins, who lied under oath to conceal her unethical conduct aimed at influencing a local election in Boston, will not be held accountable for her actions.

Rollins, a progressive prosecutor, ignored ethics rules to leak confidential documents to the media in a bid to sway the Suffolk County Democratic primary. She even collected free tickets to a Boston Celtics game and attended a fundraising event for the Democratic National Committee featuring First Lady Jill Biden. It’s clear that Rollins blatantly exploited her position for personal gain, despite being the subject of an investigation by the Office of Special Counsel and Office of the Inspector General.

Despite their damning report highlighting Rollins’ unethical and illegal behavior, the DOJ has backed out of holding her accountable. This is particularly alarming given Rollins’ close ties to Soros, who has pledged to use his wealth to influence the criminal justice system by backing district attorney races. Rollins received substantial financial support from the liberal billionaire during her campaign, running on a platform of selective prosecution. She openly promised to refuse to prosecute certain criminal offenses, including some violent crimes, as she aimed to turn Boston’s justice system into a reflection of Soros’s beliefs.

It’s evident that Rollins has lied under oath and violated numerous Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the Executive Branch, including the use of public office for private gain and the use of non-public information. However, the DOJ has decided to let Rollins off the hook, sending a worrying message about the state of justice in the United States. The selective prosecution of Rollins highlights the left’s hypocrisy when it comes to ethics and the law, especially given the ongoing investigations into former President Donald Trump by the DOJ. It’s time for the American people to acknowledge the corruption that is rampant on the left and hold them accountable for their actions.

Source: Trending Politics

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