Dem Senator’s Shocking Anti-Gun Agenda Exposed: Owns Guns, but Wants Yours Gone!

A disturbing report has emerged implicating Democrat Sen. John Fetterman, who seems to have an agenda against American citizens’ Second Amendment rights, recently revealed by one of his special assistants in an undercover tape recorded by O’Keefe Media Group. The assistant disclosed that Fetterman owns guns and is willing to forfeit them, in the belief that guns must be banned in the US.

This is shocking news but in line with last year’s speech by Fetterman after the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. At the time, the Senator stressed that Democrats must be “ruthless” in pushing for gun control restrictions. It is appalling that, according to the Democratic aid, “everybody wants a f***ing story” about Fetterman’s anti-gun stance, but the Senator interviews only select journalists who he believes will push his desired narrative. The aid goes on to name some reporters who are his “puppets.

Interestingly, many Americans would be shocked to hear that their representative in the Senate would willingly hand over their own firearms and strip fellow citizens of their constitutional rights. This is much to the chagrin of the liberal media who, of late, have been putting out false narratives about Fetterman, causing the Senator to deny their claims and force them to delete tweets and posts. The truth, though, is out there.

With the departure from office of previous President Donald Trump, Republicans have been harping about the preservation of Second Amendment rights. Thus, these latest unfolding events must come as a rude shock to many Americans who believe in upholding the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Obviously, Fetterman is not worried about taking away Americans’ rights, but rather, he wants to silence those who would criticize him.

In conclusion, Fetterman’s special assistant confession has thrown the Senator’s gun control agenda into sharp relief. It is horrifying to hear that the Senator personally supports banning guns, even while he owns them himself. Expect Republicans to continue speaking up against Fetterman’s proposed policies, as his despicable actions reveal that he lacks the mental acuity required of a senator to serve the public interest.

Written by Staff Reports

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