Southern States Sue Biden Administration Over Title IX Changes

Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are standing up against the Biden administration for changing Title IX, a rule that protects women’s rights. They have filed a lawsuit to stop the new rule from going into effect. The states argue that the new rule, which includes gender identities in the definition of “sex,” goes against the protections that have been in place for women for many years. They believe that the administration’s decision could put women and girls at risk.

The new rule redefines “sex” to include gender identities, which means that schools would have to allow males in private spaces meant for females. This change has been heavily criticized on the right, as it could lead to situations where young girls are forced to undress in front of males in places like locker rooms. It also raises concerns about biological males being eligible for women’s scholarships.

The coalition of states argues that the original understanding of “sex” in Title IX did not include “gender identity” or “sexual orientation.” They also believe that the new rule does not address the norm of gender-separate restrooms and locker rooms. The Biden administration’s decision goes against the efforts of many states that have implemented protections for women and girls by preventing men from using their private spaces and competing in their sports.

The lawsuit is not only about protecting women and girls but also about defending free speech rights. The coalition is concerned that the new rule could lead to harassment complaints against students for simply expressing opinions that others find offensive. They argue that the new standard for “harassment” could limit the free speech rights of students.

This lawsuit is part of a growing opposition to the Biden administration’s changes to Title IX. Other states and advocacy groups have also filed suits to challenge the new rules. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina are determined to protect the rights of women and girls and ensure that their voices are heard.

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